Championing Confidence

in Authenticity

among the entertainment industry 


In the spotlight or behind the scenes, the entertainment industry can be exhilarating, just as it is overwhelming. High expectations and demands can make it difficult to feel grounded and confident in one's own identity. I dedicate my sessions to those looking to gain their footing and feel empowered standing true in their authenticity. Together, we will build your resilience and restore your confidence to help overcome challenges and ignite avenues that align with you. What you do has the power to change the world. Let's begin by reclaiming the remarkable world within you.


all sessions are currently held remotely


Explore Success & Fulfillment, Artist Empowerment, and General Self Improvement sessions that embolden and inspire your authenticity.


Cloud with Silver Lining

Past Life Regression

Take an enlightening and inspiring journey to unearth a time before to gain clarity in your current life or tap into expansive creative inspiration.

from $350

Intuitive Coaching

With many quitting employment to find more meaning, learn to navigate trusting in your own intuition and get back to your purpose.

from $55


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Hi! I'm Kristen and I'm a Certified Hypnotherapist and Intuitive Coach practicing remotely out of Los Angeles, CA. I've been in LA for over ten years now, but have not always wanted to be a hypnotherapist. In fact, it wasn't even on the radar until a few years ago. I began as a music producer and bartender. From working with industry professionals and bartending at some of the biggest venues and award shows in the world, it became apparent that all that glitters isn't gold. It was in trusting my intuition, letting go of what I thought life "should be," and leaping into "why the hell am I here?" that led me to passionately want to help professionals and artists step fearlessly into their own authenticity.


"My past life regression session with Kristen was amazing! I was new to hypnosis so I was nervous about what to expect, but Kristen made me feel completely supported throughout my experience. The session gave me clarity over issues that I had been struggling with for years and now I finally feel confident moving in a new direction. I have already listened to sections of my recording to help me further understand what I learned and ways I can put it in to practice in my daily life. Thank you so much for such an enlightening experience!! I cannot wait for my next session!"

- Megan G.


"Kristen is wonderful! I wasn't quite sure what to expect from hypnotherapy, but she walked me through the process and helped me understand how it works. She uses assessment tools to get a sense of how my mind works and then tailors my sessions in a way that allows me to relax, lean into a deepened state of consciousness, and really get the most out of the experience. She has a beautiful and calming way of using imagery to relax the senses and open your mind, which allows you to really immerse yourself. I feel like working with her has given me a new perspective on things that have been hiding within my subconscious, and I’ve been able to use that insight to help me in my everyday life. She is a consummate professional, and her website and scheduling system are very user friendly. I’ve recommended her to a few friends who have also had great experiences with her. I highly recommend her services; she is a gift and I’m glad I found her!"

- Andrea M.

Supervising Producer

"I had a past life regression and Kristen did an amazing job. She was really calm which kept me calm throughout the process. I will definitely be back!"

- Cory H.