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Champion Confidence

In Your Authenticity

Are you a person of influence, an executive, or an affluent individual who desires
authentic connection, purpose, and satisfaction in your life?


Whether it be venturing into a new purpose after selling a company, navigating your footing confidently in your position, fame, or fortune, or cultivating fearlessness in your creative endeavors, residing in these circumstances can leave you with an array of stressors and uncertainty to navigate. Together, let's develop a foundation of trust in yourself to embrace your authenticity and empower confidence through life's unexpected challenges.

In our hypnotherapy sessions, we'll allow fears and doubts to crumble as curiosity drives you to connect with who you are and discover the impeccable value of your truth. You will feel inspired through strength, confidence, and resilience as we release expectations, unlock purpose and welcome fulfillment in all aspects of your life. 

Hi, I'm Kristen and I welcome you to become immersed in a new story by rewriting your past and creating a brilliant new future by stepping into your most powerful authentic self. As someone who has shattered my reality to learn how to operate in my truth and challenged what I've always known, I empathize with the fears of choosing a path that aligns with one's authenticity and persevering toward a higher calling.

With my tailored and compassionate approach to hypnotherapy, my sessions commit to remarkable transformations that unite you back to you.

Above the Clouds

"To embrace all that you are
is to overcome all that you're not."


- Kristen McPike, CHT

Evolve with your creative passions guiding your healing journey.

Embrace confidence in ingenuity and unlock your hidden creative potential.

Elevate the value of your innovative ideas.

Red Carpet Interview

Embolden your self-worth and value by nourishing your authenticity.

Navigate your money mindset to meet new financial beginnings.

Release guilt and shame from people pleasing and learn to create meaningful connections

Tap into your higher calling and learn about your purpose. 

Explore a higher and deeper connection with self.

Provoke innate insight and wisdom to follow through and bring your vision to life.


The Big Mission

It is my mission to foster those with impact to break free from fears, embrace their authenticity, and transform to courageously step into meaningful directions and lead compassionately in progressive changes they believe in.

In turn, inspiring millions to do the same.


The Actor's Journey

Coming Soon. 

A hypnotic series dedicated to supporting the journey of the actor from audition to releasing your role to the world. Instill confidence, courage, fun, and integrity as you embody your dream role and enrich your passion for acting!

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Curious About Hypnotherapy?

Learn the superpower of your subconscious mind and how hypnotherapy works below.

"My past life regression session with Kristen was amazing! I was new to hypnosis so I was nervous about what to expect, but Kristen made me feel completely supported throughout my experience. The session gave me clarity over issues that I had been struggling with for years and now I finally feel confident moving in a new direction. I have already listened to sections of my recording to help me further understand what I learned and ways I can put it in to practice in my daily life. Thank you so much for such an enlightening experience!! I cannot wait for my next session!"

- Megan G.