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Champion Confidence
In Your Authenticity

Are you struggling to find fulfillment, purpose, and satisfaction in life? Are you losing yourself behind the facade of having it all? Together let's unlock fulfillment, purpose, and passion to embolden an enlightened life. Allow fears and doubts to crumble as curiosity empowers you to connect with who you are and discover who you're becoming. Feel inspired through strength, confidence, and resiliency as you release the past behind you and evolve into all that you are meant to be.

Become immersed in a new story by rewriting your past and igniting possibilities for your future by stepping into your most authentic self.

Release guilt, break down imposter syndrome, and build your self-worth to recognize your true value within. 

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Reduce anxiety, shame, and self-doubt through your creative calling. Overcome fears of cancel culture, enhance your skillset, and allow your craft to evolve with you.


Past Life

Take an enlightening journey to unearth a time before and gain clarity about your life's passion and purpose, or explore powerful creative inspiration.


Book an event for your company to empower your team and elevate business performance.


Embracing her gift of intuition, experience, and education, Kristen ignites confidence and compassion that inspires empowering possibilities in her clients through her unique approach to hypnotherapy. 

"My past life regression session with Kristen was amazing! I was new to hypnosis so I was nervous about what to expect, but Kristen made me feel completely supported throughout my experience. The session gave me clarity over issues that I had been struggling with for years and now I finally feel confident moving in a new direction. I have already listened to sections of my recording to help me further understand what I learned and ways I can put it in to practice in my daily life. Thank you so much for such an enlightening experience!! I cannot wait for my next session!"

- Megan G.


"Kristen is wonderful! I wasn't quite sure what to expect from hypnotherapy, but she walked me through the process and helped me understand how it works. She uses assessment tools to get a sense of how my mind works and then tailors my sessions in a way that allows me to relax, lean into a deepened state of consciousness, and really get the most out of the experience. She has a beautiful and calming way of using imagery to relax the senses and open your mind, which allows you to really immerse yourself. I feel like working with her has given me a new perspective on things that have been hiding within my subconscious, and I’ve been able to use that insight to help me in my everyday life. She is a consummate professional, and her website and scheduling system are very user friendly. I’ve recommended her to a few friends who have also had great experiences with her. I highly recommend her services; she is a gift and I’m glad I found her!"

- Andrea M.

Supervising Producer

"I had a past life regression and Kristen did an amazing job. She was really calm which kept me calm throughout the process. I will definitely be back!"

- Cory H.

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