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What is Hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy is a therapeutic modality that addresses behavior on a subconscious level. It uses a combination of cognitive exploration and hypnosis to help achieve rewarding and powerful results through adjusting one’s own negative beliefs, mindset, or feelings to adaptive, positive ones.

Hypnosis is a natural state we all go into throughout the day. It allows our critical mind to relax and allows our subconscious mind to be more open and receptive. It's where YOU get to decide what you want to put into it and what you want to let go of. Hypnotherapy gives you the power to take back control of your mind to inspire and nurture the positive results you wish to see in your daily life.

Each session includes a unique, tailored audio journey from your session that fits perfectly to
compliment your individual needs and ambitions for daily reinforcement. 


Specialty Sessions

Confident woman smiling

Success & Fulfillment

Redefine success to bring about more fulfillment and purpose to empower a life that aligns with your authentic self. These sessions help you surmount limitations from challenging expectations and embrace confidence moving forward in your authenticity. Break down hesitations, fears, guilt, and doubts to embrace your value inside and out.


Artist Empowerment

Allow yourself to pursue visions to completion, overcome internal struggles, and empower yourself with your creative talents. Let your passion guide you as you break through limiting beliefs, fears, and anxieties to inspire confidence in the evolution of both you and your craft through hypnotherapy.



Explore how hypnotherapy can enhance your purpose and authentic fulfillment.

Smoking Cessation

Artist Empowerment

Artist Empowerment


I  Quit Package

* Ideal for those who are smoking less than one pack of cigarettes or one vape cartridge (12mg) a day with very strong motivations to quit.
* 2 Sessions

This is the session YOU decide to quit. This package includes a 2-hour session that will break down triggers and help you get back in the driver's seat of the addiction. You will learn the tools to help you achieve lasting results and feel more in control of your life to free yourself of smoking. It will also include a 1-week follow-up session for locking in powerful reinforcement. 

Prep to Quit Package

* Ideal for those who are smoking more than one pack of cigarettes or one vape cartridge (12mg) a day with strong motivations to quit.
* 3 Sessions

This session package consists of 3 specially designed 1-hour sessions to help prepare you and your mindset for quitting. These sessions will include effective tools, strategies, and daily reinforcement to help assist you in achieving your goals of quitting and inspiring the vision of being an ex-smoker.



Hypnotherapy's intended use is for vocational and avocational self-improvement and is not a substitute for licensed professional medical and mental healthcare. In some cases, a referral may be required. 

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