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S M O K I N G  C E S S A T I O N



Are you determined and motivated to get your life back from smoking or vaping? Hypnotherapy has been an effective tool to help those looking to regain their power and conquer the addiction. The methods provided in our sessions will induce positivity and give you more control back in your life. We'll work to replace the cigarette or vape with healthy and efficient coping mechanisms while assisting in the reduction of anxiety and stress around your triggers.  

There are two comprehensive packages offered that fit the needs to match where you are at in your quitting journey. We are a team and with the exceptional tools provided for your success, you are bound to see the results and long-lasting effects. Let's take the first step towards your freedom to release smoking for good! 

P R E P  T O  Q U I T

* Ideal for those who are smoking more than one pack of cigarettes or one vape cartridge (12mg) a day with strong motivations to quit.
* 3 Sessions

This session package consists of 3 specially designed 1-hour sessions to help prepare you and your mindset for quitting. These sessions will include effective tools, strategies, and daily reinforcement to help assist you in achieving your goals of quitting and inspiring the vision of being an ex-smoker.


I  Q U I T

* Ideal for those who are smoking less than one pack of cigarettes or one vape cartridge (12mg) a day with very strong motivations to quit.
* 2 Sessions

This is the session YOU decide to quit. This package includes a 2-hour session that will break down triggers and help you get back in the driver's seat of the addiction. You will learn the tools to help you achieve lasting results and feel more in control of your life to free yourself of smoking. It will also include a 1 week follow up session for locking in powerful reinforcement. 


G E T  Y O U R  P O W E R  B A C K

Book your complimentary consultation to learn which package is right for you.

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