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Smoking & Vaping

Are you determined and strongly motivated to get your life back from smoking or vaping? Hypnotherapy has been an effective tool to regain your power and conquer your addiction.

With my "Kick It" 3-Session Series we take a deep dive into your motivations and triggers, release guilt and shame from being a smoker, rewrite your narrative as a nonsmoker, and empower your new life by handling your cravings in a new way. Each session comes with weekly activities to instill new positive behaviors to support your nonsmoking lifestyle. 

As a Smoking or Vaping cessation client, you will have access to your Client App where you can download your hypnosis tracks, resources, and activities for continued use to maintain your goal as a nonsmoker. 

From the moment your consultation ends your journey begins!
Are you Ready?


Kick It 3 Session Series

$900  Now 15% off $765
Includes 3 90-minute sessions, access to hypnosis tracks, resources, and activities to maintain your goals.

*Recommended for those who smoke 1 pack a day or less, or less than 1 cartridge (18mg) a day with strong motivations to quit.

Session 1  

90-minutes  |  Exploration of Motivations and Triggers. 

Let's explore your motivations for quitting and the triggers that cause you to smoke or vape. In this session, we will bring new unconscious awareness to stressors and desensitize your triggers in hypnosis. 

Session 2

90-minutes  | Creating A New Path

This session is about creating new pathways to maintain a healthy lifestyle, implement healthier dopamine options, and new coping mechanisms. You will be connected to your own inner guidance system to help you tell the difference between "what feels good" vs. "what feels right."

Session 3

90-minutes  |  Embrace Freedom from Smoking or Vaping

Let's rewrite the narrative, inspire self-forgiveness, and release guilt and shame for having been a smoker. In this session, you make amends with your past and embrace the future as a nonsmoker!

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