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"The courage to release what no longer serves you becomes the confidence to embrace a new beginning."

- Kristen McPike, C.Ht.

Kristen McPike is a passionate and qualified Certified Hypnotherapist (Certified Hypnotherapist by the American Hypnosis Institute) practicing out of Los Angeles, California. She specializes in Success & Fulfillment, Artist Empowerment, Journey to Purpose, and Past Life Regression sessions. Her previous experience includes being a compassionate and creative hypnotherapist at the world-renowned treatment facility Passages Malibu conducting individual and group sessions for those in recovery. She also serves as a complementary service among some of Forbes's top wealth advisors in the nation. Kristen harnesses the experience of working with a vast array of human beings and is humbled by her time working with incarcerated and disadvantaged populations to entertainment's biggest stars and professionals. She is apt at recognizing one's thought processes to bring even the busiest and most logical of minds into the relaxed state of hypnosis and continues to turn skeptics into believers of this powerful healing modality.

Kristen has a passion for helping individuals discover their true authenticity and purpose while exploring what may be holding them back from becoming it. Her ideas and values include shedding what may be weighing one down from fully stepping into who one is meant to be. She observes not only how her clients' external circumstances are affecting them, but explores more about who they are in relation to them. Allowing clients space to discover their strengths and help release barriers of what is no longer serving them, they can feel safe, motivated, and confident stepping into the remarkable person they are here to be.

Embrace the Value
You Bring to the World

As the world around us can often make us feel that our value and worth are based on what most will tell us, Kristen strives for individuals to work through doubts to take charge in seeing their own value and worth in who they are and believing in it. As she herself has struggled in the past with her own beliefs surrounding what she 

believed was determining her worth, she began to feel that placing her worth and value in someone else’s eyes was not only hurting how she believed in herself in pursuing more desirable avenues but also played a part if she was even worthy of receiving a better outcome by doing so. 


By taking a step back, she recognized as a whole, that each person offers so much in who they are, from all that they’ve learned and experienced in life that it can often be overlooked by others' judgments and assumptions. This can often lead us to judge and doubt ourselves and our abilities to be the person we want to be. Kristen works to help each individual use their story to build confidence, resiliency, and compassion in who they are and how far they have come to inspire new choices that reflect their best authentic self.

Financial Success or Struggle
Does Not Define You

Kristen has experienced her own financial hardships in the past. It wasn’t until these hardships happened that she was able to take a hard look and see her emotions breakdown in response to them. She painstakingly took time to see why certain financial situations created certain emotional upheavals and reactions, mostly based on our own conditioning, beliefs, and understanding of our circumstances around money. She had struggled to work through fears, doubts, and anxieties surrounding the meaning we give to our finances and what it means to be with and without it. It was painful to witness how money played such a large part in how we viewed ourselves. It can make us doubt our own worth, purpose, and value depending on our own financial status. Even with a successful past with meaningful experiences to take Kristen far, it was shocking to see how an empty bank account can completely destruct the mindset one has about themselves and challenge what one believes they are capable of.


Kristen believes that one's identity should not be determined or defined by one's financial status. She learned that building her own pillars of security and stability within herself inspires more innate decisions toward aligning with one's truth, which allows success, happiness, and fulfillment to coincide. Rather than responding from rooted conditions and expectations of financial circumstances. She strives to empower strength and resiliency in her clients so that when their bank account changes, they can have the tools to overcome and continue to build their own stability within where their finances become the byproduct. 

Kristen, who now has a successful business doing what she is incredibly passionate about, works in Los Angeles. Her previous and continued experience here allows her to work among high-profile clientele and those in the entertainment industry. She's witnessed the mental burnout that comes along with meeting challenging demands and expectations. It's important for her to empower the identity of who one is outside of the expectations or assumptions coming from others.

Today she explores why the attachments to careers, fame, or success aren't necessarily the meaning to one's happiness and fulfillment but learns how one's own experience with their career, success, or fame plays a part in learning what is fulfilling and meaningful to them. Every person, in every walk of life, deserves to discover and learn what their own unique happiness is and looks like, especially if it may not always align with what we expect happiness and fulfillment should be. It is Kristen's goal to help her clients realize and embrace their own unique truth to attain fulfillment within in order to fully enjoy their life and the world around them. 

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Creativity is an Outlet
For Healing and Wellbeing

Kristen found her passion for music and music production in college while pursuing a Criminal Justice degree. After graduating from college, she decided to dedicate her time to learning production software. She built a studio in her parent's basement and pursued what she could with music in a way that was meaningful to her. Growing up she was introverted and shy. For her, music was a way to express her emotions and feel through struggles she may have been experiencing. 

Kristen McPike in a music studio

By seeing music as a way for her to cope with the world around her, she was able to heal through her emotions while still growing her skillset and expanding on ideas that would grow as she did.
Kristen understands the power of having a creative passion and how healing it can be to continue to pursue it. She knows that projects in and of themselves are therapeutic in nature and by using one’s own current project or creative passion as a guide with their hypnotherapy experience, one can evolve emotionally and grow alongside their craft. 

Gratitude That Meets
Your Attitude

A lot of people may say “be grateful,” but what if one is having trouble finding what to be grateful for and how to be grateful for it? Kristen values meeting her clients where they are at in life and uses their understanding of the world to help bridge successful results. It’s essential that desired changes are sustainable and attainable. By using each session to build a foundation from where one is at to prepare them to receive their goal, one is able to see tangible results that they can be happy with and take with them throughout their life.  



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Certified Hypnotherapist


Diploma of Clinical Hypnotherapy with Honors


Professional American Hypnosis Association Member

Hypnosis for ADD Cert

Certified Specialist: Hypnosis and ADD-ADHD


Certified Specialist: Hypnosis for Anxiety and Fears


Certified Specialist: Trauma Recovery Hypnosis


Certified Specialist: Past Life Regression Therapy

intuitive healing_1

Certified Specialist: Intuitive Healing and Development


Certified Specialist: Smoking Cessation

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