P A S T  L I F E  R E G R E S S I O N 



Take a deep, relaxing journey to explore and discover an impactful time that awaits just below your conscious awareness. Recall a Past Life experience to help you gain clarity, wisdom, and guidance in your life today. Your mind will drift as you open a door another time to reflect and bring forth incredible awareness and enlightening answers using your own guidance within. 

A Past Life Regression is a powerful tool to unlock a deeper meaning as to what may be happening in your current life that lays just below the surface of our consciousness. Think of it like tapping into locked hidden records that are stored deep away from our typically busy conscious mind. It is in deep, relaxing hypnosis, that we are able to access this past part of ourselves to bring forth enlightening wisdom, clarity and incredible awareness to more of who you are and bring more meaning to your current lifetime experiences. 


A Past Life Regression can be used to explore and release negative behavior patterns, understand painful relationships, examine fears, and phobias that do not have a root cause, or examine health issues that have no medical explanation behind them. If you have ever felt yourself being drawn to a certain time period or historic event this could be an exciting way to examine it further. By diving deep and traveling back we can uncover wisdom, insight, and clarity using past-life recollections to better understand what may be happening now and how it can help you, moving forward. 


For those looking for new inspiration for a creative project, a Past Life Regression can be a fascinating tool to stimulate and cultivate new ideas for an exciting new writing or film project. It can be used to further explore a time period to gather more inspiration or even use your own Past Life Regression experience to bring about an intriguing storyline for your next script or film.


Whether you believe your experience to be a memory, your imagination, pretend, or simply metaphors from your subconscious mind, the impact of a Past Life Regression can be life-changing and eye-opening in discovering a missing link to make a powerful, positive change.

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P A S T  L I F E  R E G R E S S I O N  T H E R A P Y

Past Life Regression Therapy takes Past Life Regression another step further. As a Past Life Regression will bring up awareness, clarity, and wisdom of what can be done in one's life from one singular past life, whereas Past Life Regression Therapy will work directly with the subconscious in session to help acknowledge, release and work through unwanted emotions or patterns of behavior that may be holding one back from experiencing their best life. 

By working directly with the subconscious, it gives an opportunity to help work through to heal and release the difficulties one may be facing at the moment. It's a journey through multiple past lifetimes to help discover the root causes of concerns from the client.


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P A S T  L I F E  R E G R E S S I O N  F A Q


What can I expect in my PLR session?


A PLR is like unlocking past records that have been hidden deep away in your subconscious. Through hypnosis, we are able to access these records and bring them to the surface to reveal enlightening information about ourselves.


At the beginning of our session, we will go over your intentions of having a PLR and the questions you wish to have answered. We will do different hypnotherapy techniques to help you reach the proper depth of relaxation to access this part of your mind. We do exercises to be able to tell the difference between a memory and your imagination. 

After going through the cognitive portion of the session, you will be taken into deep relaxation and calmness to the part of your mind to access your past lives. Your intention is what will lead you to what life you will see. You will be guided to move throughout that lifetime to different significant events that would be significant to you in this lifetime. You will be guided to the very last day of that life where you will be guided to the life beyond life. This is where we explore deeper with the subconscious and where your questions will be answered. You will then be counted up to alertness feeling refreshed.

A Past Life Regression lasts approximately 2.5 hours. (Past Life Regression Therapy lasts approximately 4 hours) You will receive an audio recording of your experience as well as key takeaways from impactful events on the life you were shown. 

How can I prepare for my PLR Session?

  • Set an intention as to why you are seeking a PLR. This will help guide which life will be shown to help you get the most answers and clarity you are looking for. 

  • Take some time to think about questions and what answers you may be seeking from your PLR experience. These questions could be pertaining to anything that is going on in your current life that you wish to gain clarity to. This can be in regards to relationships, career, finances, patterns of behavior, or certain fascinations. A Past Life Regression is also an exciting way to explore what steps to take to achieve a desired goal and it's possible future outcomes. 

  • Eat a snack or meal about 30 minutes before your session. This helps the body relax more easily. 

  • Have a quiet, comfortable place to sit and lay down for this 2.5-3 hour session. 

  • The camera on your phone or computer should have you visible during your session. This helps me guide you, determine your hypnosis depth and see how you are responding to better navigate the experience.

  • Using earbuds or a headset with a microphone will help get a clearer audio recording of your session.

  • Be ready to relax and to take a journey deep into your subconscious mind to discover what answers lie within you. 

How will  I experience my PLR?


A PLR can use all five senses to explore the experience. It may feel like one's in a movie or first-person video game. You may receive information as thought-forms or 'downloads'. Being deeply relaxed and letting your subconscious mind come through without our critical selves being a filter, is what we are striving for to give you the most out of your session.

How is a lifetime chosen?


A lifetime is chosen by the client’s subconscious is based on the client's intention and what they wish to learn. Kristen acts as a guide working alongside the client's mind to recover the answers the client is looking for. 

What questions should I ask for my PLR session?


Questions asked during your session should reflect answers you wish to learn from your life experiences and what you wish to gain more clarity to. Asking questions pertaining to your life such as  "Why did this happen to me?" or "How can I move past this?" versus questions about  "Why did THEY do this?" or placing emphasis on gaining answers based on others life path, would bring about more meaningful clarity and insight for you and how to move forward in life with it. 

What kind of guidance will I receive?


Guidance and clarity can be revealed in a number of ways. This can come through as similar timelines and experiences represented in the past life that can bring about new perspectives to it.

Messages and answers from the client's questions will come through from guides, loved ones who may have passed on, or other higher aspects of one’s mind after being guided to life after death from the past life.  

Are my PLR Memories Real?


The experience itself can seem real as it’s happening, however, it is ultimately up to the client if one believes it is real, imagination or messages from the subconscious mind.


Are there any side effects to a PLR?

Since hypnosis is a natural state, side effects are typically rare. In these rare instances, some may experience drowsiness, headache, anxiety, and/or dizziness. There is some risk of false memories occurring. 

A Past Life Regression can leave one feeling lighter, refreshed, and relaxed. This type of session can be emotional so allowing some time after your session to reflect on the experience can be helpful.