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Corporate Hypnotherapy

Empower the value of your company's mission

In these financial times of uncertainty, it is fear, anxiety, and doubt that can be a leader in decision-making, however taking the courage to take a directly innovative approach through Kristen's Corporate Hypnotherapy can benefit mental health, bring more awareness to new ideas and concepts to business evolution, as well as drive meaningful results through purpose-focused success to your team. By acknowledging and utilizing all aspects of value from team members and the company alike, businesses can address underlying causes of reduction in productivity and use Kristen's event to empower team members for longer retention in these new challenging dynamic times in the workforce.

Businesses can assist in enriching, motivating, and valuing their team and company while enlightening performance and productivity by utilizing Kristen's tailored approach to Corporate Hypnotherapy. Turn fear and stress-based methods of achievement to performing from a place of confidence and increased value, while empowering a paired mission between team members and the company. This event creates confidence in receiving positive results while driving more success across the company as a whole. All while developing increased adaptability to new changes in the workforce. Concepts explored in this event can not only be used in the workplace but can be utilized to build more fulfillment in one's own personal life as well. 

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Please book a 20-minute consultation to learn what this will look like for your team. 

Why Kristen?

As someone who has walked away from world-renowned positions and created her own businesses in the past, Kristen is aware of company culture, structure, and procedures. However, it wasn't until she left a prominent position to only trust in her intuition after seeing her past business falter, was she broke down to learn just how much instability. doubt and fear there was in the current system and workforce.  

During this time she was faced with rock bottom after rock bottom. It wasn't until she worked on her own mindset building confidence in receiving and creating success from a place of knowing the internal value of her work and the authenticity she had behind it, did she finally see a greater shift in her financial circumstances and output. Not only has success become more enjoyable but creating it has become much less stressful and fearful. She learned that success and fulfillment are the by-products of her work as a hypnotherapist, her calling, and valuing herself in the process. 

From this experience, Kristen is able to meet companies and individuals where they are at. Integrating her experience and skillset she is able to address previous company systems that may no longer be working while empowering team members and the company to work tandemly to value a greater mission. Utilizing hypnosis to break through roadblocks and barriers to receive positive results while empowering each individual and what they bring to the company through their authenticity is what Kristen's mission is in her Corporate Hypnotherapy events.

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