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Artist Empowerment Hypnotherapy

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Imagine being a record producer and mixing out doubt and anxiety was just as easy as fine-tuning a track. Perhaps you are a video editor and the show you are editing happens to be your life story. How fantastic would it be to diminish fears and limiting beliefs with the use of a little color correction? Or maybe you’re an actor, looking to unlock the perfect emotion for your dream role. What if this role was able to help you too? During our sessions, your mind responds to metaphors, imagery, and empowering suggestions in hypnosis in order to achieve desired results. Whether you are looking to complete a project or deal with life's challenges, we utilize your knowledge and methods of how you create to come up with meaningful imagery, metaphors, and powerful suggestions that you will understand to help you accomplish your most ambitious or emotional goals.

These sessions are designed to help you move forward in your creative passions while still keeping you at the heart of your projects. Together we'll work with your intentions, desired outcomes, and why it is meaningful to you. We will see to break down and work through blocks, procrastination, anxiety, doubts, fears, and limiting beliefs to build up confidence, appreciation, and compassion for yourself and your work. Through obtaining a new appreciation we'll instill more resiliency and strength to handle challenges like unsolicited criticism, dealing with the internal pressures of meeting others' expectations, and embracing confidence to stand true in your authenticity. 

Overcome limiting beliefs using your creative talents as your guide.

Embolden authenticity at the heart of your projects.

Reduce self-doubt, anxiety, and fears surrounding a project, performance, or role.

Empower confidence in your passion and purpose.

Whether you are preparing for your next role, looking for character inspiration, or getting ready to release your next single, you can find comfort in knowing the strength you have to achieve the results you want lies within you. This unspoken You that is expressed in your art is what we use to help overcome obstacles and challenges you may be facing in your projects and other areas of your life. These sessions create a safe space for you and your craft to work in tandem together to feel more empowered in who you are and in the decisions you make with your creative passions.

By integrating emotions and intentions that drive your creativity, you are given an opportunity to evolve through the creative process too. Each new experience from your projects can create a new feeling. Harnessing this new emotional growth can inspire your next incredible project or role. With the power of your creative mind, we'll work to put you back in the driver's seat of your passion, let your creativity be your guide, and allow your art to evolve with you.

Breakthrough creative and emotional resistance and embrace confidence within as your passion evolves with you. 

* Hypnotherapy's intended use is for vocational and avocational self-improvement and is not a substitute for professional licensed medical or mental healthcare. In some cases, a referral from a licensed medical or mental healthcare provider may be required. 

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