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Artist Empowerment

Use Your Creative Passions As Your Guide

Creativity is a powerful tool for healing, self-soothing, and embracing possibility. It releases pain, inspires hope, and generates compassion, understanding, and community through compelling innovative masterpieces. From being an actor, musician, and comedian to director, producer, and crew, all play incredible roles that shift perceptions and manifest safe spaces and thought-provoking concepts for all who value the inspiring works being released.


During our hypnotherapy sessions, your mind responds to metaphors, imagery, and empowering suggestions in hypnosis in order to achieve desired results. Whether you are looking to complete a project or work through life's emotional setbacks, we utilize your knowledge of your modality and methods of how you create to come up with meaningful imagery, metaphors, and powerful suggestions that your subconscious mind will understand to help you accomplish your most ambitious creative goals and overcome emotional struggles that keep you from unleashing your full potential.

Embrace Value of Ingenuity & Authenticity

Taking new risks on projects can be daunting however it could be your ingenuity that could change the trajectory from what was once known and familiar, to something that can assist in novel ways to embrace the new. In order to keep adapting to the ever-changing world, it's important to value the changes you bring through your own innovative creativity to a project, production, or role, even if it doesn't always meet current conformity. 

As a team, let's empower the strength and confidence in your creative passion to bring about expansive change within yourself and others. Through obtaining a new appreciation for your work we will instill more resiliency and strength to handle challenges like unsolicited criticism, deal with the internal pressures of meeting others' expectations and judgments, and embrace confidence to stand true to your authenticity amongst adversity. You have a voice and a creative outlet that matters. Let's break the cycle of analysis paralysis and bring yourself into a creative flow for a chance to reach the powerful potential of your creativity. 

Overcome Procrastination & Perfectionism

Together we'll work with your intentions, desired outcomes, and why they are important to you. We will see to break down and work through blocks, procrastination, anxiety, doubts, fears, and limiting beliefs to build up confidence, appreciation, and compassion for yourself and your work. We will strive to reduce stress and anxiety surrounding a current project or role and inspire excitement, determination, and motivation by empowering the value of your skillsets and the greater impact of your potential outcome. Through compassion, patience, and acceptance, we will build up your self-worth and value to create a firm foundation to receive and embrace positive, rewarding outcomes. 

Breakthrough creative and emotional resistance and embrace confidence within as your passion evolves with you. 

* Hypnotherapy's intended use is for vocational and avocational self-improvement and is not a substitute for professional licensed medical or mental healthcare. In some cases, a referral from a licensed medical or mental healthcare provider may be required. 

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