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3 Reasons Your Subconscious Sabotages Start Up Success and Tips To Overcome It.

Man stressed  sitting at computer working on his start up business.

Have you tried moving forward in starting a successful business and find yourself getting stuck? Lets explore three unique ways your subconscious mind protects itself and you from you getting ahead!

1. Your Start Up Is Uncharted Territory

If moving forward in a new business venture is outside the norm of your typical behavior and beliefs there are many reasons your subconscious mind may want to keep you stuck. Our minds number one job is to keep us safe....ahem let me rephrase that... our minds number one job to keep WHAT WE KNOW safe from what we don't know! This means our subconscious is continuously operating from our own previous experiences and belief systems trying to make sense of a new experience that often hasn't happened yet...i.e. creating your new business.

Uncertainty is not a friend of the ego mind and if you are moving from a sense of "known" security to an unknown and new sense of stability it defies that logic. Your mind is going to grasp at whatever it can to make sense of a new direction based on your previous experiences, beliefs and understandings. This means not being able to draw from the actual experience itself until you create it. Often times this results in fear and anxiety in moving forward as it cannot register it as "safe" from what you know up until this point.

Good news though. Outcomes come in a million different shapes and sizes that our minds will never fully comprehend..and most of them can be pretty damn good.

Tips to Overcome It

I like to treat the subconscious mind as an overly protective guardian, however it can be a tug of war when it comes to doing what feels safe and familiar and doing what feels right to fulfilling ones inner calling. Using affirmations that begin with "It is ok for me to move forward in a new direction" and "I allow myself to create my own safety with my business" can help bring permission to self (and to the mind) to move forward in a new direction.

Thoughtful women staring out office window.

2. Threat of Losing Community to Success

I am a big believer that the person you are when you want something and the person you are when you have something are two different people or else you would have what you want already. Taking on the task of building your start up with those around you not fully understanding your decisions can be challenging, especially when you are doing it alone. As you evolve into your new business role, it can become apparent that not all of who supports you is a good fit for who you're becoming or has your best interest at heart.

A sense of belonging is so important to a community that moving outside the confines of what others know you to be can feel threatening and scary. You may be faced with constantly explaining yourself to those around you who haven't experienced what you're going through. Stepping into the unknown of your business and trying to share with others what you're doing when you barely know either can be confusing. People view the world based on their own subconscious filters of experiences and beliefs trying to understand what you're doing. This can lead to showing support through worry, doubt and opinions that may hinder the progress of believing in yourself and in the work you're doing. It may even bring about tremendous guilt and shame when you decide to put your dreams and ideas first.

Tips to Overcome It

First, bravo for having the strength, courage and resiliency to not give up on your business idea. Also, boundaries! Having the courage to say something to the like of "Hey, I appreciate your concern and support. Right now I am focusing on creating a business that reflects the new landscape we are living in. I'm learning and growing each day how to live in a world that doesn't look like it has in the past. What was safe before is no longer working as it once did. It's important for me to find and create my own safety in the world as it shifts in a new direction. This will look different than what we're used to." You will also be surprised who you may inspire along the way, who will stay by your side growing alongside you and who you'll meet that positively supports you moving forward in your new business venture!

Women drinking coffee thinking about business.

3. Am I Worthy of Success?

Yes! But your subconscious mind may not know that though. In fact it may even keep you from knowing it! Low self-esteem and self-worth can often hinder the acceptance and receptivity of success. If you aren't aware and believe in the value you provide it's challenging to be open to receiving and feeling worthy of receiving. Also, if your self-worth and value come from the validation of others it can be short lived allowing negative thought processes sneak back in.

Past experiences that emphasize success is unattainable for you and financial trauma can keep one from believing success is in the cards, let alone feeling worthy of it. Especially if your success looks nothing like how you were raised success should look like.

Tips to Overcome It

Break down your business idea and find all the places it adds value to the world and to you! Are you passionate about this idea? Think about the lives that will be positively impacted. Practice receiving from yourself through self-care and expressing gratitude for what your doing for you. Even if it is just giving yourself time to be as you are in the present moment. Businesses are built one step at a time no matter how small. It's ok to give yourself some grace and patience as you navigate your new venture.

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All content is intended for educational and informational purposes only and is not a substitute for proper licensed health care advice. Always speak to the proper licensed health professionals to learn what is right for you and always use discretion before implementing any new practices you see online.


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