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Decode Your Affirmations to Unlock Limitless Potential

The subconscious mind is a tricky thing to try to master. Locked in with all of our experiences, beliefs, and powerful imagination, it is the gatekeeper to our life script and beyond. Affirmations become a useful tool to break through the subconscious barrier and rewire your mind to create the life that you want.

So let's imagine you are trying to change your life with affirmations in hopes of serious positive outcomes. You've been writing the same ones over and over and keep seeing the same unfavorable results. When it comes to writing affirmations the words we use are often the logical definition of the words. However, it is your own personal experience and association with the word itself...which is the language of your very own subconscious mind..that manifests your reality.

Your Subconscious Always Works to Keep Your Life Script True

Now who here is finding it difficult no matter how many affirmations you are doing to see your goal come to fruition? Let's use the example of creating "success." Success can carry millions of different subconscious meanings depending on who you talk to and their life experience. This means if you are trying to manifest success, and your subconscious association with success is entangled with not being successful, writing "I am successful" will actually lead you to be successful. Just not in the way you hoped.

The affirmation "I am successful" will manifest into "I am successful (at not being successful)" which is your subconscious association and understanding of the word.

Instead of trying to visualize and create a new meaning for the word success altogether, think of a different word that may have a similar meaning that you don't have a negative experience with. See if it feels different and visualize and create the experience in your mind. You will begin to find less resistance in your affirmations and find more confidence in doing them. For instance, instead of saying "I am successful" you may state, "I am passionate and excel at my work." This creates the space to yield positive results and take action that enhances your work where success becomes the byproduct.

How Do You Find Your Subconscious Meaning?

Now how do you find your own subconscious language? Good 'ol word association! I find this method works best. Start by making a list of words you use in your affirmations. Then next to each one write the first word that comes to mind. Try not to think too hard about the word, but let it come up naturally. Then see if the meaning comes to the surface. I'll use my example of doing this work below and the results of it.


​Associated Word




Success means failing those around me.



​Worth means how determined I am to achieve.



​Value means I must be succeeding (subc = failing).

Now, from doing this exercise, I realize that all of my affirmations truly have manifested in my life. I have struggled with having a successful business and gaining clients. All of my affirmations previously would say "I have a successful company", "I am worthy of having a successful business" and "I have a valuable service that helps many people." Only to realize that my affirmations were being subconsciously translated to:

"I have a successful company" to "I have a failing company."

"I am worthy of having a successful business" to "I am determined to have a failing business."

"I provide a valuable service that helps many people." to "I succeed (which meant to let others down) at providing a service that helps many people."

All can be attributed to my lack of clients and the resistance to taking new action to receive the actual results I want. Recognizing this I was able to come up with new affirmations that speak my own subconscious language and drive new actions toward desirable results:

"I enjoy doing my work and seeing the powerful results it brings."

"I am happy and excited to heal many people."

"I enjoy being seen and heard by thousands of people."

This felt new, however, the meaning has shifted towards a more positive direction and I can implement the new meaning and feeling into my subconscious more easily. It feels more fun, and exciting while unlocking new opportunities in my physical reality that I have been struggling with in the past.

I wonder if you can learn to speak your own subconscious language to unblock your affirmations from becoming your reality. Can you look back and see how your affirmations have manifested from your own subsconsious meanings into fruition?

All content is intended for educational and informational purposes only and is not a substitute for proper licensed health care advice. Always speak to the proper licensed health professionals to learn what is right for you and always use discretion before implementing any new practices you see online.


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