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Self-Worth & Success

A 4 Week Audio Series with supported daily activities to unleash unstoppable self-worth to sustain abundance and prosperity! 


Beach Meditation

A 2 Week Audio Series with supported daily activities to help you feel more confident in slowing down to put you back in control!


Slow Down & Take Charge

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An in depth audio recording with paired journal activity to get the most out of accessing your higher guidance within!


Access Your Higher Self
With Prompts


Actor's Bundle


*Available through Amazon & Barnes & Noble 

Loving Letters Promo Cover.png

197 Pages

$18.99 Paperback 

$24.99 Hardcover

Gift Cards

Gift Cards can be a wonderful gift for those looking for a new experience. For those who are interested in diving deep with self-exploration or are just looking to reduce stress or anxiety, a gift card to experience Hypnotherapy could be the perfect gift.

If this is your first time, please request a complimentary consultation to learn more about your upcoming session. Your session will be booked with Kristen at the end of your consultation and your gift card will be applied. If you are a returning client, please book with Kristen and she will happily apply the gift card at the time of booking. 

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