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Offer remote sessions to your team to help ease mental strains of the road!

Tour life can be fast-paced and exciting. However, it is not a surprise the emotional strain and mental exhaustion it can carry with it. The lifestyle on the road gives crew members and talent alike time to reflect during their downtime that can lead to emotional places that feel overwhelming, stressful, and a struggle to manage. From the demanding pressures of the industry to challenging working conditions, it's no wonder that rates of depression, anxiety, and sleep deprivation are among the highest in the touring profession.

Hypnotherapy offers a more natural approach by turning downtime into a compelling opportunity to feel more in control of one's emotions and outcomes while learning new coping mechanisms to handle them well. From the comfort of a bunk, hotel room, or a quiet place at or around a venue, one can find respite and relaxation while overcoming the mental strains one may be experiencing. Hypnotherapy uses a combination of talk therapy and a calming, natural state called hypnosis to help work through unwanted behavior on a subconscious level. It's here where one can influence the positive changes they wish to see in their daily conscious lives and where new insights and ideas can be discovered.

Studies have shown the effectiveness of hypnotherapy on many areas of one's life, with many of those shared with a tour professional's biggest struggles. Your team can expect sessions to assist them with:

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Implementing new coping mechanisms to reduce self-destructive behavior

Reducing stress and anxiety from being on the road and away from home

Increasing deep, restorative sleep 

Overcoming fears and insecurities to feel more confident and self assured 

Working through procrastination, writer's block and creative doubts

Hypnotherapy sessions on tour are offered remotely and can be easily accessed in most places worldwide with a phone and earbuds. These sessions give your crew and talent a chance to feel more focused, refreshed, and supported while offering various options for wellness dependent on their individual needs and goals. There are several package options to choose from to suit your tour budget and accommodations. Each package contains a set number of sessions per week allotted for your crew, considering time zones, travel times, and breaks on your tour. Appointments can be easily synced to one's Master Tour iCal, Google Calendar, or Office 365 Calendar. After each session, team members can expect to receive an audio recording to help them continue to reinforce their desired change.

Safety and ethical care are at the forefront of this program. Although hypnotherapy is not yet recognized as a licensed profession, nor is it a substitute for such care, it can be an effective and fascinating treatment modality. Because of this, a referral from a licensed medical or mental healthcare provider may be necessary if care goes beyond vocational or avocational self-improvement. In these instances, Kristen will collect proper referrals in confidence where it is needed. Ensuring your team members' rights and confidentiality is imperative to the success of this experience. Discover how this and the many benefits of this program can help empower your team on the road by requesting a consultation below.

Interested in learning what this will look like on your tour? 

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