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Industry Events

Elevate Confidence & Authenticity

Extravagant Hollywood galas, industry events, and charity balls are exciting lavish experiences, however, many people crave deeper conversations and look to break free from surface-level small talk in between sipping on beverages and snacking on delectable hors d'oeuvres.

Help your guests embrace authenticity and boost confidence in their party interactions with my tailored service that elevates your guest's experience! With both group and individual sessions available, give your guests a unique and memorable experience they will remember for time to come! 

Network With Confidence


Empower your guests to feel more confident in approaching industry professionals and in their creative ideas.

Champion Authenticity


Encourage more authentic interactions through thought-provoking intentions and icebreakers tailored to each guest.

Support Sobriety

Cold Water Bottles

Assist guests in sobriety through self-confidence and 

Elevate Your Next Event

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