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Saturday, May 30th, 10:00 am to 1:00 pm PDT  

USD $20 

Take an exciting journey and dive deep to unlock wisdom, clarity, and insight that lies just beneath the surface of our consciousness. The possibilities that lie within you may assist you in discovering what you may have experienced before and how it may be affecting you today. We'll take an adventure to explore your inner world, tap into your own internal guidance system that may help you move forward with confidence, unlock possibilities, and discover your own true and powerful potential from within.


A PLR can help with understanding negative patterns, career changes, financial shifts, relationships, unexplainable connections, personal wonders, and conditions that have no root cause. Have you ever been drawn to a certain time period or place in history? A PLR is a profound way to explore it further. For a person who is looking for creative inspiration, this experience could be beneficial by inspiring new ideas and reflections.

Whether you believe your experience is a memory or your imagination, the profound and enlightening effects one can have from a PLR can be life-changing.

What to Expect

Kristen understands the importance of how valuable it is for attendees to have their own unique and personal experience during a Group Past Life Regression. That's why she uses an established approach to make sure each individual gets the most out of their session.


First, we'll talk about the body's natural state of hypnosis, how it works, and why it works differently for each person. We'll do fun hypnosis exercises to get prepared for the Past Life Regression portion of the session. It's important to know that in hypnosis, you are always in control. You are always aware of what is happening. Hypnosis is a peaceful, calming state that allows our conscious mind to relax while bringing forth our subconscious awareness. 


Prior to the event, attendees are asked to prepare an intention of what they wish to accomplish from their PLR. They are also asked to jot down a series of questions from their current life that they would like to receive clarity and insight on moving forward. This could be in regard to relationships, career, finances, personal goals, personal wonders, and more. 


Once the PLR begins, you will be taken through calming, relaxing imagery to allow you to flow into a proper depth of hypnosis. You'll be referred to a time and place that reflects your current intention. Through open-ended, non-leading questions, you will be guided you through that life from different significant events to the last day of that lifetime. You'll then be guided towards your higher aspect or higher self (this will be reflected differently for everyone) giving attendees time to access, receive, and record valuable insight and wisdom to their pressing questions. 

Before being counted out of hypnosis, there will be a time for creative reflection. Attendees will be able to document the information they receive as well as draw, color, or infer any messages or images they may experience in their PLR to look back upon after the session.

** It is important to know that Hypnotherapy is a "do with" type of therapy, where there must be an openness to it for it to be most successful. The subconscious mind does not respond well to what it doesn't know or believe. Therefore, doing a PLR with the intention of seeing if it will work may bring about the least results, whereas someone who is open to the idea of it will be able to get more from their experience.

About Kristen McPike

Kristen is a Certified Hypnotist with the Hypnotherapists Union Local 472 and Certified in Past Life Regression Therapy by the American Hypnosis Association. She has had training in conducting effective PLR Group Therapies and facilitates it in a way so each individual has an opportunity to have their own unique Past Life Regression experience. Kristen believes each individual holds their own powerful answers within and her role in conducting a Past Life Regression is to be the GPS to get them to a place to receive them. 

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Kristen is offers a 2.5 hour Private Zoom Past Life Regression. Each session will dive deep to explore what it is you wish to accomplish and understand what it is you wish to receive guidance and clarity on. This guided journey will take you through to a past life recollection to help deeply explore your areas of concern and gain awareness to the answers you are seeking. An audio recording will also be included for you to keep and listen back to after the session. This session rate is USD $175 and is open to all around the world.

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