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Saturday, December 18th. 10:00am - 12:00pm PST


Have you ever wondered if there may be something deeper as to what may be happening in your life now? A Past Life Regression can help with understanding patterns of behavior, career changes, financial shifts, relationships, unexplainable connections, personal wonders, and conditions that have no root cause. Have you ever been drawn to a certain time period or place in history? A Past Life Regression is a profound way to explore your curiosity further. For a person who is looking for creative inspiration, this experience could provoke enlightening revelations to drive your next successful project. 

The profound and enlightening effects one can have from a Past Life Regression can be life-changing. From unlocking similarities from the past to help shed light on your life now, to gaining profound clarity to help you move with ease in your current life, a Past Life Regression is an enlightening experience to bring forth your best you. 

Let's take an exciting journey and dive deep to unlock wisdom, clarity, and insight that lies just beneath the surface of your conscious mind to help you move with more ease in your life today! 

This event includes: 

  • An introduction to a Past Life Regression, setting your intention for your PLR and your questions to your higher self.

  • Exercises to explore the difference between a memory and your imagination

  • Deep relaxation techniques to prepare you for the session

  • 60 minute Past Life Regression including time with your higher self 

  • PDF Journey Journal to document your experience during the session in real-time.

  • Sharing and reflection

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What to Expect

It's important for attendees to have their own unique and personal experience during a Group Past Life Regression. I use an established method so each individual has the ability to have their own experience so it doesn't interfere with another's experience. 
In this event, we'll talk about the body's natural state of hypnosis, how it works, and how it's used in a Past Life Regression. We'll do fun hypnosis exercises to get prepared for the Past Life Regression portion of the session. It's important to know that in hypnosis, you are always in control. You are always aware of what is happening. Hypnosis is a peaceful, calming state that allows our conscious mind to relax while bringing forth subconscious awareness. 
At the beginning of the event, attendees will be able to prepare an intention of what they wish to learn from their PLR. They are also asked to jot down a series of questions from their current life that they would like to receive clarity and insight on moving forward. This could be in regard to relationships, career, finances, personal goals, personal wonders, and more. 
Once the Past Life Regression begins, you will be taken through calming, relaxing imagery to allow you to flow into a proper depth of hypnosis. You'll be referred to a time and place that reflects your current intention. Through open-ended questions, you will be guided through that life from different significant events to the last day of that lifetime. You'll then be guided towards your higher aspect or higher self (this will be reflected differently for everyone) giving attendees time to access, receive, and record valuable insight and wisdom to their pressing life's questions. 

Before being counted out of hypnosis, there will be a time for reflection. Attendees will be able to document the information they receive from their past life experience and beyond in this deep trance state. Since a Past Life Regression is done in such a deep state of hypnosis, it's possible for some information to be lost or forgotten once awakened. This opportunity to record your experience will help you remember as vividly as you can what you learned from your experience.  

It is important to note that a Past Life Regression is most successful when there is an openness to the experience. The subconscious mind does not respond well to what it doesn't know or believe and will protect it. Therefore, doing a PLR with the intention of seeing if it will work may not be as rewarding as someone who is more open to the idea of it. 

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