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Saturday, January 8th. 10:00am - 12:00pm PST

Times are changing. Are We?

As major events take place on our planet, it can be easy to feel wrapped up in the uncertainty of it all. But what if there is a way to help overcome the fears and explore what more may be happening behind the scenes? This exciting event will take the group to explore what more be happening that meets the eye by tapping into our own higher collective consciousness in regards to current events and how they may be changing humanity as a whole. 

As a group, we'll each tap into our own higher minds to explore what more may be happening in regards to a current event on the planet at this time. Together we will choose a current event and take a relaxing, guided journey to dive deep to explore a deeper meaning to it all from our higher-self perspective. We may learn how this event may be affecting all of us on a subconscious level. We'll explore timelines of how the event may play out and explore solutions. We will also see how it may relate to you and how to overcome fears and anxieties surrounding it. After the guided journey we will discuss our answers to find similarities and synchronicities between the higher consciousness of the group.

The focus of this event is to be open to exploring new ideas and bringing forward new awareness to a current event. As some events may be controversial in nature, it's important that the events are discussed from a neutral, inquisitive perspective or observing point of view as it relates to one's own personal experience. Over polarization of a current event may result in a bias experience. If one's mind has already formed a firm belief surrounding an event, it may be difficult to be open to receiving new insights in our session. If this is the case, an individual may be asked to resign from the Collective event where they would receive a full refund.

This Event Includes: 

  • A 45-minute deep hypnosis session to the higher-self

  • A place to document, save and share your own personal experience from the session. 

  • An audio file of the end discussion 

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What to Expect

As a group, we will discuss current event topics that are happening at the time. We will pick no more than two events for our session if we cannot decide on one. This way each person has a choice of which event they would be most comfortable and open with exploring. Together we will come up with the questions we want to ask most along with the questions already provided. 

We will go over what hypnosis is and why we use it to gain deeper awareness from our subconscious mind. Together we will do different types of deep relaxation techniques that will help us get to the proper depth of hypnosis to access this profound place. From there I will guide you to this deep, relaxing state through safe, guided imagery to help us gain clarity to the answers we are seeking. Each person will be having their own unique experiences and will be able to document their own experiences in the session.  Afterward, we will discuss the details we have each received and share if there are any similarities. This part of the session will be recorded to send to all attendees. 

It's important to note that all information received or discussed is intended for educational and entertainment purposes only. 

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