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Kristen McPike Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy FAQ

For those unfamiliar with hypnotherapy, here are a few clarifying questions to help you feel more confident about what you're getting into!

What in tarnation, is this woo magic?

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Short answer, no. Hypnotherapy just gives one an opportunity to tap into the power of one's own subconscious mind by using the relaxing state of hypnosis. It is in this state that our daily conscious mind gets a chance to take a back seat and chill while our subconscious mind is more accessible and suggestible. It is here unwanted behavior (i.e. anxiety, fears, doubts, stress, lack of confidence, bad habits, and many more) can be addressed. The only magic will be realizing just how powerful your own mind can be.

Are you going to control my mind?

Absolutely not, unless you want me to and are open to the suggestions and metaphors in a hypnosis journey. Think of it as less mind control and more giving you an opportunity to be more in control of your own mind over unwanted tendencies.


Hypnosis is a natural state of heightened awareness induced through deep relaxation. In this state, although more suggestible, your mind will still work to protect you from what you aren't open to and what is unfamiliar (this why you see people dwindle from a large group to only a few people on stage shows).


It's safe to know that you are always in control. You will be able to hear what is being said in any journey and may awake if it may not be resonating. Your mind will continue to protect you from accepting what you wouldn't normally be open to. The only mind control will be what you allow and what you feel will be beneficial to you.

How does a hypnosis journey work?

You can think of a journey, for instance, like riding a bike, except the whole experience of riding a bike is happening in your mind. The beauty of the subconscious mind is that it cannot decipher what is real and what is fantasy. So by creating experiences through vivid imagery and metaphors in hypnosis, one can sense the experience of riding a bike in real-time (even signaling the same brain responses as if you were!). 

Ok, but how does hypnosis help? 

We'll use fear as an exaple. So let's say someone fell off of a bike when they were younger, rendering them fearful of getting back on a bike. In hypnotherapy, one can work to overcome their fear of getting back on a bike by reassociating new favorable emotions to the experience and reinforcing them in hypnosis. Our minds are association masters and by recreating new emotional associations to outcomes in hypnosis, it's possible to create new desired responses that are then reflected in our daily life.

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Can I be Hypnotized?

You'll find out! Actually, hypnosis is a natural state that our mind and body go into on a daily basis. About 30 minutes prior to falling asleep and about 30 minutes before we wake up, we are in hypnosis (get those affirmations in!). If you were ever driving down the freeway and missed your exit, congrats, you were in hypnosis! 

Since the subconscious can't tell the difference between what is real or fantasy, the mind has an opportunity to interact with the visuals and imagery as if a new positive experience is happening. This allows for old emotional responses (fear) to become new desired results (confidence) when presented with riding a bike in real life.


However, just like learning to ride a bike, one must "practice." By using hypnosis tracks to reinforce the desired outcome, the mind can adjust from old beliefs of fear to new feelings of confidence and empowerment. 

**Hypnotherapy is not a substitute for licensed mental health and medical care. Please review the disclaimer here.

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Now, what makes one hypnotizable is how one interprets and takes in information. Tell someone to relax, and they won't. But tell someone they're feeling calm and safe, they may naturally feel relaxed. For those who tend to feel more comfortable being in control, it is more so giving yourself permission to relax. I will do my best to use terminology to help ease most into hypnosis for a calming, relaxing experience.
For those who tend to feel more comfortable being in control, it is more so giving yourself permission to relax. I will do my best to use terminology to help ease most into hypnosis for a calming, relaxing experience.

Are there any side effects?

Since hypnosis is just a natural, relaxed state of being, side effects are typically rare. However on those rare occasions one may experience drowsiness, dizziness and/or some anxiousnes.


In some cases, a hypnosis journey may cause emotions to arise.  

Most often people will feel pleasant, relaxed and refreshed after a hypnosis experience. 

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