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Four years ago I quit my job to solely trust in my intuition. For me, intuitively it felt like I was on this path that ultimately threw my whole world upside down and backward. Everything that once felt safe and secure began to crumble. I didn't know what was happening to me. Underneath it all, I always had this quiet feeling that no matter what would happen, I'd always be okay. This had always kept me pushing forward. I didn't know it would have ever led me here. But I am so thankful it did. This taught me what my life was outside of the confines of what I thought life needed to be. I feel we each have a purpose as to why we're here and it's up to us to explore what our purpose is, even if it may seem outside the box of what is familiar. 
On this journey, there was no doubt the terrifying amount of confusion, fear, anxiety, depressive states, and bliss that came from learning how to navigate trusting in intuition and in the unknown all while battling with my own logical mind trying to make sense of it. It was extremely challenging and overwhelming. There is a dance however to working with intuition and logic in order to fully step into trusting in who you are to embrace new possibilities. It's in doing this dance, life becomes an opportunity to see the world differently and explore how to operate in it differently with more trust and ease while fear and doubt become an afterthought. 
As much as we think we need to destroy the ego to reach this enlightened state, it's actually quite the opposite. The ego is an essential and crucial part of our intuitive journey. It's important to bring them both together so the logical mind can feel safe allowing intuition to take the lead. Learning to integrate the left brain (ego) with the right (intuition) has its challenges, but once you begin to heal through this journey and understand what each side is doing during intuitive hardships, the more comfortable it will be to operate in this new, expansive state. 

These sessions aren't for manifesting your "dream life." They are intended to help you unfold and discover the beautiful life you were always meant to have and to learn why you're here. It's identifying your growth, and evolution, and embracing the discovery of learning how to live life by becoming your most authentic self. It's trusting to fully step into your purpose, even if it is something you never could have imagined or dreamed of. It's shedding back the old to embrace all that you've always been and who you're meant to be.


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Feel confident stepping into your truth, passion and purpose.

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Build resiliency, compassion and strength in trusting yourself. 

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Navigate your intuition to your highest potential.

 In these sessions, we'll explore: 


  • Surrendering, trusting, and allowing.

  • Nurturing new perspectives from learning what lies within uncertainty and trusting your intuition. 

  • Understanding your "carrot." What is driving you to continue to trust your intuition? 

  • Learning how intuition and ego navigate time and experiences in order to recognize what particular beliefs may be driving actions.

  • Letting go and releasing the old to embrace new opportunities for growth and healing.

  • Understanding how one may operate from new experiences.

  • Navigating challenges integrating intuition and reality.  

  • Embracing new gifts through your experience.

  • Exploring the Dark Times.

  • Embracing confidence in what's to come.

  • Learning how to stay grounded and in the body when feeling out of it. 

  • Inspiring strength, compassion, resiliency, and patience with yourself while on your path.

  • Tapping into your most expansive state to live your most beautiful, powerful life in the most authentic way. 

  • And more! 


All sessions are for informational purposes only and are not a substitute for licensed professional medical and mental health care.

Please visit the Intuitive Coaching Service Agreement to learn more. 


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30 Minute 

1 on 1

Explore & Empower

This session is an open discussion about your intuitive journey. We'll explore where you may be looking for assistance in navigating your experiences to help you feel empowered on your path. From managing working with your ego to learning to have more faith on your journey, the floor is yours for this discussion and discovery.



60 Minute

1 on 1

The Powerful You

This session includes exploration of your intuitive journey and what you may be struggling with. Let's have an open discussion about your experiences and share what you wish to learn. It will follow with a tailored mindfulness exercise, assisting you back into the present moment and back in your power feeling grounded on your path.


Sunrise over Mountains

2 Hour

1 on 1

The World Within

This extensive session goes straight to the Source. Let's talk about what you may be looking to gain clarity to on your intuitive journey. Are you questioning if you're making the right choice? Are you on the right path? We'll create your questions and take a 45 minute guided journey to ask your higher mind to receive powerful insights on your path. This will be a talk-back hypnotherapy session that will be audio recorded for your future reflection.