Benefits and Effectiveness 

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Hypnotherapy is more mainstream than one may think and it continues to be on the rise as an effective form of treatment as studies and successful results continue to surface.


Although on its own hypnotherapy caters to self-improvement, with a referral from your healthcare or mental health provider Kristen can use hypnotherapy as an effective tool as a complementary form of therapy adjunct with your current treatment plan.

Enjoy the following articles from highly-regarded publications to see if Hypnotherapy could be right for you.

Harvard Health Publishing

A Harvard Medical School publication offers a unique look into our own brain circuitry and how hypnosis can assist in empowering our mind's own ability to influence the body.

Stanford Medicine  

Explore how Dr. David Spiegel breaks down how hypnosis alters

the brain and how is it used for an effective therapeutic treatment.

The Yale Tribune 

The Yale Tribune discusses the consistent success and viability of hypnotherapy and how it helps overcome today's mental strains.

Cancer Network

Discover how hypnosis can help ease the side effects of chemotherapy and radiation. This article relays in-depth studies that have shown significant results in aiding in the relief of side effects caused by radiation.

Science Daily

Research provided by the University of Liverpool, a Forensic Psychologist, Dr. Simon Duff has studied hypnosis and its impact with those suffering from Dementia. These remarkable results alone can give hope to those enduring this difficult disease.

Penn Medicine

This article breaks down 6 health benefits of hypnosis from chronic pain to difficulty sleeping. Explore how Penn Medicine views hypnotherapy as an adjunct form of therapy with your current treatment plan.