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Monday,  January 17th 5:00pm - 6:30 PST


Almost three years ago I had walked away from my job to solely trust intuition. As my world crumbled from what I thought life needed to look like and be I was welcomed into a whole new world of possibilities. Learning to navigate this new way of being has had its challenges, especially when it came to walking away from everything that was known to me to now placing trust in the unknown. From feeling stuck and stagnant to learning how to break free to navigate the powerful flow of life, trusting my intuition has had profound phenomenal effects that completely expanded what I thought life should look like.

In this event, we'll walk through the emotional rollercoaster that can happen when trusting intuition. We'll talk about the importance of integrating the ego with your intuition. We'll also explore how to notice opportunities for healing and evolution when reality stops meeting expectations. At the end of our class, we'll take a nice, relaxing guided journey to meet with your own internal guidance system to receive any guidance you may be looking for to help you on your life path.

​If the world is seeming like a challenge, perhaps it may be because you're here to do something greater with it. Just like an old pair of jeans, we can outgrow it. Only by learning to let go of the old can we embrace the new. By learning to trust and navigate your own intuition you get to step out of the box, move from the old and into the unknown to shed all that you thought you were, to welcome all that you've been always been.


Get ready and buckle up. Diving into trusting intuition is a ride that may not always be for the faint of heart, but deep down it's a ride we're all here for. 

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