Master Your Vision

As a creative person herself, it can seem difficult at times to find a way to fit into a world that often sees creativity as a positive outlet or hobby, but less understood as a way of life. The vision we desire for ourselves may be filled with hope and determination to be successful, but too often we may find ourselves feeling doubtful. Recurring thoughts of "What if I don't make it? What if I'm not good enough?" or "I can't do it" begin to resound in our heads taking up space from what you wish to achieve. 

It is a natural response for our minds to reach to the past experiences to protect us from what we don't know in the future. This is why it can often feel like such a daunting task when creating something new. It is a new journey to embark on and our minds ability to protect us from the uncertainties of what may lie ahead can lead us to feel like creating a new vision may seem just out of reach. This is where hypnotherapy has been used as a powerful tool to help artists, musicians, actors, directors and writers alike to reach their potential and gain inspiring confidence to bring their visions to fruition. 


Kristen values helping creatives find their truth in their craft. She helps her clients shatter the shadows of limiting beliefs and self doubt, override procrastination, and work though writer's block to embrace a new profound creative flow of confidence, resiliency and efficiency into their projects. These sessions allow an artist to work through what is holding them back to see their vision through to completion. Whether it is recording the next big hit, going to an audition for the next Emmy winning sitcom or writing an indie film to be picked up by Sundance, let's dive deeper to explore the endless possibilities of your creative potential illuminate what more you have in store for the world to see. 

Man Holding Camera

Embrace your authenticity to integrate it into your project.

Identify and let go of self-doubt to confidently pursue  new creative ventures 

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Feel empowered to use your strengths to overcome struggles in the industry.